Breaking Barriers is an ongoing series of site-specific and visual works that seek to increase our understanding of our connection to and impact on the natural world.

Rock Creek Forest, Maryland (USA)

Branching Out, 2018

Wire installation

What was confined is now unconfined.


Waterways, 2018

Wire installation

Flowing from stream to stream, the paths which water takes to emerge out of our shower heads comes as an after thought.


Arbol Metalico, 2018

Wire sculpture (series)

To speculate a distant future where trees would have to be artificially created to compensate for low atmospheric O2 levels.


There’s more than meets the eye, 2018

Oil, acrylic and ink on canvas, 41 x 51 cm

Look up. What we see is a reflection of ourselves and our actions.


Uig (Isle of Lewis), Scotland

Reflection, 2018

Found iron bar

What was buried beneath the soil is now present in our awareness.